Loving An Addict Or Alcoholic: How To Help Them And Yourself

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The possibility of struggling with physical and mental health problems is not far when a person is also dealing with alcohol or drug abuse. For instances like this, it is not only the addicted person that is affected. Family and friends are also affected by the situation. Hence, it is essential that the family and friends know how to deal with the struggling person as well as understand how to address their personal needs.

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What Recovering Addicts Should Avoid After Rehab

Recovering addicts are challenged continuously into falling back to old practices, drinking with old friends, and tackling with other complex life situations. There really is no perfect resolution to stop relapsing forever, but there are several things to avoid in hopes of reducing the chances of falling into that dark pit that is known as relapse.

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Points To Remember From The 2014 San Francisco Drug Addiction Awareness Month

Speakers, parents, guardians, and drug addicts themselves to commemorate the 2014 San Francisco Drug Addiction Awareness Month. The month-long celebration focused mostly on increasing public awareness about drug addiction – important things you need to know about it.

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Here’s a roundup of what was discussed in one of the forums for the drug addiction awareness month – a list of some of the most important things you need to be aware of about drug addiction.

  • Addiction is not a result of a pre-existing disorder or illness. Changes in behavior and personality are seen when a person is addicted, but this is rooted in the fact that the person became addicted, and not because he has an underlying disease. When the addiction is treated and managed, there will be positive changes in behavior as well as an overall improvement in mental and physical well-being.
  • It doesn’t only take willpower to achieve recovery. Drug addiction is a result of multiple factors, including genetics, stress, depression, childhood experience, and brain function. It is a severely difficult challenge to overcome both the compulsion and the craving because of these factors.
  • There is no shortcut to fixing addiction. There is no easy way to solve an addiction problem. An addict tackles emotional, spiritual, physical, and social issues, thus requiring a structured treatment plan that would address all these areas. Medications may also help, but it, alone, does not help achieve recovery.


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  • It is not necessary for you to reach your deepest end before you seek help. Most people, not only addicts, typically ask for help for their issues when they have nowhere else to go. But really, it doesn’t have to be that way. Help is available to those who want to recover – whether they are in the middle of their addiction or they are just starting. You just need to decide and commit to it.

The Benefits Of Sharing Your Addiction And Recovery Story In Your Community

Most rehab programs incorporate group meetings or therapies that include an exchange of stories. They encourage recovering individuals to speak about their experiences, their emotions, and whatever they need to share regarding their addiction. This is because a majority of these programs have confirmed that sharing their addiction experience, as well as listening to others’ stories has a tremendous benefit to the recovering addict.

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The Effects of Drug Addiction On Pregnancy

When someone uses drugs illicitly, she is putting herself into severe mental and physical danger, of causing damage to her mind and body. Not only is she at risk of developing the usual adverse effects of drug abuse, such as organ failure. She is also prone to get addicted to illegal drugs, and eventually to have an overdose. Healthy women are not spared from these, but they can be potentially more life-threatening for a pregnant woman – and her unborn child.

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How Drug Abuse Impacts Society – And You

No sane person intentionally starts to use drugs and expects to develop mental and emotional problems in the long run. But as one continues towards his downward spiral, the ill effects that have first affected only him, his family and significant others, eventually spreads to his workplace and then to the community in which he resides. In short, drug addiction doesn’t only impact an individual but also the society as a whole.

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Identifying Signs That Drug Abuse Is In Your Neighborhood

Over the past years, the rate of drug abuse in the United States has been consistently rising. What’s worse is that the prevalence of cocaine and heroin have not only stayed in the urban areas but have quickly progressed towards the rural areas, particularly the small towns and suburbs. That is why you and I, who live right in our small corners, must be aware of the subtle signs that our neighbors who used to just sit around and have coffee with some friends have unfortunately been led to this life-damaging disease.

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Most Frequently Abused Substances And Their Effects

It is quite difficult to gauge the extent of drug abuse. However, we are all aware that wherever you are in the world, there are people who use drugs. From bars and restaurants to corners and neighborhoods, drug and alcohol use is visibly part of our culture. Here’s a credible list of estimates from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as to which substances people abuse the most.


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