Why Are Celebrities Prone To Drug Addiction?

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Wealth and fame are two of the things most people desire in this life, and when you are an artist, actor, or a celebrity, you have easy access to these things. Also, there is another privilege that you will gain, and that is the connection to people who can effortlessly supply you with drugs.

What is it about celebrities that they are always linked to drug addiction? To think they got what most people would want. “Numerous celebrities of the past half century have been plagued with substance abuse problems, with disastrous results,” S. Robert Lathan, MD says. Some big names had even been crossed out of the picture because of drug overdose namely Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Kurt Cobain. They were among the stars who shone brightly but faded because of a drug overdose.

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 5 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Prone To Drug Addiction:

Drugs Have Chemical Reactions That Celebrities Need.

Celebrities are public figures, and they need to be always charming and confident. Some drugs have the effects that they need such as cocaine. It provides the feeling of self-confidence and power.

Drugs Give The Boost Celebrities Need.

Often, celebrities’ schedules are so hectic that they don’t get enough rest or sleep, causing them to feel tired and weak, but when they have drugs in their system such as cocaine, they gain stamina. It somehow serves as an elixir, boosting their energy meter.

Drugs Provide The Feeling Of Relaxation And Satisfaction.

Being a celebrity is the dream life of most of us. It is because when you are a celebrity, you get to do whatever you want, get to act however you please, and people would still adore you. However, many of these stars confess that a part of their job is the physical and psychological exhaustion. They don’t get enough time for themselves and their families which is not healthy.

As much as being a celebrity is fun, they don’t get the break that they need to unwind. For this reason, many stars turn to drugs like heroin as it gives the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. These celebrities don’t have to miss work, go far, or spend time away. All they need is to do drugs to appease their need for loosening and rejuvenating.

Drugs Expose Celebrities To People Who Have The Key.

They say the sad thing about the entertainment industry is that there are people who are naturally corrupt, and unfortunately, they may be those who hold the key to opening the door of opportunities. Some celebrities may not have a choice. They need to play and stay in the game that they couldn’t find a way to pull themselves back up.

Drugs Serve As Temporary Cure For Depression.

For some reason, celebrities are prone to having mental health issues such as depression. “Many individuals who become depressed will use substances to self-medicate in order to feel better,” Dr.  Stephen Liptak, PsyD says. “A lot of us do this. What person when feeling down, hasn’t reached for a piece of chocolate or had a drink at the end of a long day?” Some of these people don’t find the time and convenience to seek help continuously that they depend on drugs to provide them with temporary relief or cure.

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One of the reasons why celebrities are prone to drug addiction and depression is that they are only a few people who make it on top. Imagine how lonely it can get with just a few people you can talk freely in life without being watched and judged by people. Being in the limelight seems to give many possibilities, but when a person is on top, there is no other way but down. Maybe, there are left and right, but who knows where those lead. This is supported by Donna Rockwell PsyD, “Being famous is variously described as leaving the person feeling “lonely; not secure; you have a bubble over you; family space is violated; a sense of being watched; living in a fishbowl; like a locked room; and, familiarity that breeds inappropriate closeness.”

Perhaps, drug addiction is something that could make them stay up there – in reality, or in their mind.

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