The Benefits Of Sharing Your Addiction And Recovery Story In Your Community

Most rehab programs incorporate group meetings or therapies that include an exchange of stories. They encourage recovering individuals to speak about their experiences, their emotions, and whatever they need to share regarding their addiction. This is because a majority of these programs have confirmed that sharing their addiction experience, as well as listening to others’ stories has a tremendous benefit to the recovering addict.


How Sharing Your Story Is Beneficial To You

When you talk about your past relationship with drugs and your recent challenge with recovery, l quicker, and you are stimulated

  • Eases Loneliness.

You slowly get the feel of being one with your group. You start with your family and close friends, and then you slowly open up to a larger crowd, like the church or a community gathering. Your loneliness slowly disappears, encouraged by the support that you are getting from the people you share your story with. You will know that you are not alone in this world.

  • Increases or Helps You Regain Your Lost Confidence.

Standing up and rising from a very heavy fall is quite a win for you, and being able to share this with others certainly boosts or brings back that lost self-esteem. The pride you feel when you rewind your journey from hell and back, how you almost lost it to drugs and how you gathered all your strength and faith into being where you are now – will be overwhelming.

  • Reminds You Of The Consequences.

Wherever you decide to share your story – in a group meeting, on the Internet, or in your community – you are recreating the horrible aspects of your past. You remember when you were at your worst, how confusing and chaotic your life was without loved ones to support and believe in you. And when you begin to share the consequences of what you did, you feel as terrible as you felt when it happened to you. This definitely helps you maintain your focus on your goal of becoming physically and mentally healthy and drug-free.

How Sharing Your Story Is Beneficial To Others

You don’t only get to help those who have begun their journey as recovering addicts, but also those who haven’t been there – so that they never go that way. It benefits others in that it:

  • Educates

The story of Ryan Harper, a recovering addict, became viral as it spread to the youth, past and recent addicts, and to the parents and family members worldwide. In that way, they have learned more about the life of an addict and its real dangers. share your story, you are educating people about the realities of addiction as a disease, and the many ways of overcoming it.

  • Gives Hope.

For those who have loved ones who are addicts, listening to you share your story gives them hope for a brighter future hopefully soon. They may ask you questions about how they can try to help their loved one. Do answer them as truthfully and honestly as you can. Whatever you offer them – answers, strategies, good and bad experiences – are potential solutions to what they’re going through.

  • Provides Encouragement

By opening yourself up to others and allowing them to see what you’ve gone through and what you’ve overcome, you are instilling a flicker of encouragement to those who feel hopeless and helpless. Perhaps they will eventually believe that someone who has been where they are now and is standing in front of them recovering and continuing to win over life’s challenges, will inspire them not to give up and pursue their own journey towards recovery.


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