Chronic Smoker Boyfriend Had To Stop Smoking – Thanks To COVID-19


It is a normal human reaction, those who can still think clearly, to stop something when it is destroying their lives. I guess, in a way, this COVID-19 thing had a positive effect on my chronic smoker boyfriend because he had to stop smoking. Oh no, he did not contract the virus. Bless him, no. Knock on wood. He did develop another disease which was serious as well. And for that, he had to stop smoking.

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How To Drink Alcohol With A Responsible And Considerate Mind

The 2019 Beer Fest unites people who have the same adoration with craft beers. It represented 50 local and regional breweries joined by food trucks and vendors for additional treats. Events like these do sound delightful. However, people have to keep in mind to stay responsible so that everyone can have a taste of the fun. 


It’s not wrong to drink, but behaving and drinking destructively are. Every action has a consequence. Sadly, not all effects solely harm the person who is drinking. Everyone gets affected when you act up. Here are some ways people need to adapt to make sure that non-drinkers won’t get the short end of the stick:

Know Your Drinking Limit

Understanding your limit in alcohol can lead to responsible choices. You can tap out when you feel you’re getting too drunk or not in control anymore. You can discover your drinking limit by trying it first with your friends or your family. Surround yourself with people you trust so that whatever happens to you, you’ll be safe. If you’re feeling dizzy or unbalanced, it can mean that you’re getting tipsy or drunk. 

Plan How You’re Getting Home

If you’re going to have a long night drinking, plan how you’re getting home safely. It’s not only for you but for others’ safety as well. Never drive drunk, even if you’re just tipsy. An accident will not only affect you but the people who might be in the car with you or walking in the streets. It’s against the law for a good reason. 

You can opt by choosing a designated driver, taking public transportation, or ask a trusted friend as a means to get home. Alcohol can affect your senses and decision-making, so it will be best to be with a person who has a clear state of mind. Also, don’t get into a car with a drunk person or a stranger. Be vigilant always.


Avoid Drinking If You’re Coping With Sadness

You might think that alcohol can solve your problems even for just one night, but it will not. Alcohol is a depressant, which means you’ll feel worse than before. Make a rule for yourself that you will only be drinking if you have a stable and positive mindset. Avoid dealing with your pain through drinking excessively. You must be sober to resolve your issues.

It’s also crucial that you shouldn’t drink with the person you have problems. It might bring out anger, which can result in arguments or fights. Alcohol should never be an excuse for awful behavior; at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s choosing your actions. Choose to act responsibly.

Manage Your Drinking Habits

You can maintain a healthy drinking habit in many ways. First, you can eat while you drink to make sure you’re balancing your consumption. Food with high protein, like cheese and peanuts, help to slow down the digestion of alcohol into your circulatory system. Avoid gulping down a drink, sip it slowly so you can have the time to appreciate it. As much as trying new drinks can lead to a eureka moment, be conscious of unfamiliar drinks. Some alcohol can be deceiving, and you can get knocked out quickly.

As a dutiful citizen, you have to make proper choices for the safety of others. Excessive drinking can have a massive impact on the people around you. Your health may also be in trouble if you have lousy drinking manners. Drink with a responsible and considerate mindset. It will not only save you but others as well.