Identifying Signs That Drug Abuse Is In Your Neighborhood

Over the past years, the rate of drug abuse in the United States has been consistently rising. What’s worse is that the prevalence of cocaine and heroin have not only stayed in the urban areas but have quickly progressed towards the rural areas, particularly the small towns and suburbs. That is why you and I, who live right in our small corners, must be aware of the subtle signs that our neighbors who used to just sit around and have coffee with some friends have unfortunately been led to this life-damaging disease.


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Most Frequently Abused Substances And Their Effects

It is quite difficult to gauge the extent of drug abuse. However, we are all aware that wherever you are in the world, there are people who use drugs. From bars and restaurants to corners and neighborhoods, drug and alcohol use is visibly part of our culture. Here’s a credible list of estimates from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as to which substances people abuse the most.

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